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Worth a Watch.  

•This old Triumph Rocket ad is absolutely hilarious. It can be slightly hard to make out what the extremely genteel voice over gentleman is saying upon occasion, but its worth using subtitles or taking in multiple viewings to make sure you catch it all. If you are of a certain age, you will be reminded of the narration from the original 'Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy'. 

•You know how it goes, you sit down waiting for your wife to come home and decide to kill a little time on YouTube, then get jolted out of your trance when the door bell goes and she's standing there looking radiant and you immediately feel guilty for not doing something more constructive with the last 30 mins of your life. That didn't happen yesterday. Well, to be accurate, everything up to the ringing of the door bell and the wife looking radiant did, but there was no guilt accompanying the moment. The reason being that I had been watching the series of videos posted to the right, and if, like me,  you are fascinated by the process of a soulful machine being constructed from a collection of adapted old parts and the problem solving that this entails, this constitutes a constructive and educational use of your time. My wife felt the same way too, as the last one was still playing when she came in. Intrigued, she sat down and was immediately engrossed, as enthralled by this guys' creative expertise and energy as I was.

I don't know who he is - there is no information about him on YouTube. All I can glean is that he makes these videos for his own amusement as there doesn't seem to be any commercial aspect to it, which makes the time and care he has taken with these even more admirable. Each is only 10 minutes long - shot in speeded up time lapse style so you can really appreciate the bike evolving from an old bare boned husk, to a finished work of art, as he works his magic. 


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