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What are the 5 Best Reasons to Ride a Bike?

January 25, 2018



It’s a pretty good question, given that it can be a noisy / inconvenient / impractical / wet / hot / cold / scary / hairy and a quite contrary experience. Sometimes all at the same time. But, surely therein lies the point? Driving a car doesn't have to be any of those things. And that, my friend, is what makes us different / defiant / dastardly / decidedly bonkers and downright dangerous to know. Oh, and sexy. This is a fact according to Jasmine StClaire (whom I have not met, which may be why she is persisting with her theory).


Also, biking makes us feel sexier. At least if you are female. 


Anyway in addition to the whole sexy thing, I am going to give you an another five reasons why two wheels trumps four, so this article really does present spectacularly good value for money (particularly as it didn't cost you anything - you are welcome). In at number one we have;


1) Fun. Am I right? If riding a bicycle is indisputably fun (expect perhaps if you are a pizza delivery guy on a rainy night), then what does that make riding a bicycle WITH AN ENGINE IN IT? A laugh out loud good time, that's what, amigo. I tend to do quite a lot of ‘in helmet’ singing, I've noticed it over the years - and we all know that you only ever sing when a) you’re having a blast, b) you are in the shower c) you are in a restaurant toilet and the door has no lock. And what's one of the biggest reasons that riding a bike is fun?


2) Because they are fast. And although the older I get, the more I appreciate the ‘potential’ of high speeds and ‘fired from the gas catapult on the flight deck of the USS Ronald Reagan’ type acceleration, as opposed to deploying it regularly, there is no denying that it is a key ingredient in our enjoyment of the dark art of motor bikery. It probably adds to the sexiness too, but you can do your own research on that as I am in a coffee shop and there are now people sitting behind me.


3) Consider a motorbikes’ credentials as a P.O.A. (that's Piece Of Art - I don’t know what you were thinking). If you want to see an example of artisanal workmanship take a look at the exhaust system - especially where it meets the engine block. Observe the mesmerizing blending of color where the chrome has bronzed and purpled with heat cycling. Observe the pretzel like contortions the multiple downpipes go through to combine into a single muffler. Finally, and If you must, you can observe your distorted facial features reflected in the chromed finish as they observe you back. If you can tear yourself away from looking at yourself, run your eyes over the rest of the engine, itself an excellent example of industrial design and problem solving, coupled with obsessive miniaturization. Pleasingly, unlike cars, on most bikes the engine is revealed in all its glory and you really do get to enjoy the detailing and intricacies up close.


Then we have the overall styling. Happily, motorbike designers tend to take more risks than their brethren in the automotive industry - after all most bikes often tend to be ‘recreational’ vehicles and aren't saddled with having to fulfill the practical considerations of more prosaic and utilitarian vehicles. This means that the gentlemen with the pencils and black turtlenecks can really give life to their stylistic fantasies. I mean just take a look at a Kawasaki H2 or a Ducati Diavel or pretty well any MV Agusta for examples.


4)   Because BADASS. Now, I’m from the UK where, when someone refers to a ‘footballer’, one intuitively thinks that person is referring to an athlete who uses their FOOT to kick a BALL. Upon coming to the US, I soon learned the error of my ways and now have come to understand that a ‘footballer’ is someone who uses their hands to throw a coconut shaped object to team members and who will occasionally run with it until someone from the opposing team collides with them, whereupon they both fall over to the crowd’s great approval.


Now if I was an American Footballer who had had a really bad morning - let’s say my doctor had told me that I was actually morbidly obese and not just ‘ripped’, and on the way to that very appointment I had reversed over my kids’ very expensive blinged up electric toy SUV with my very expensive blinged up real one, AND I had just whipped my phone out and noted that I still had lowest number of Instagram followers in the entire team despite having posted some gratuitous bikini shots of my (unaware) model wife with a #blessed tag, I know that once I strapped those shoulder pads on, pulled the team colors over them and snapped down the face guard, I would be INVINCIBLE. I am certain of this, because that is exactly how I feel when I don my riding boots, Dainese jacket, Shoei lid with its dark visor and my carbon weave knuckled gloves. In my mind’s eye I look like straight out of Mad Max ‘Fury Road’ and I’m juvenile enough to find that very gratifying.


5) Belonging to the ‘club’. I like the waves riders give each other when passing (apart from some permanently pouting, too cool for school, hirsute Harley ‘dudes’ who hardly ever wave back). You know what my outlaw friends, I am gonna carry on waving to you and there ain't a lot you can do about it - so take THAT back to your dentist office on Monday morning you desperadoes!


I think it’s cool when you park up next to other motorcyclists and are immediately absorbed into the inevitable bike discussion for the duration of the stop. I like that implicit acknowledgment and respect that comes with belonging to a group of people that are united by a passion and shared experience. If you ride, you will know exactly what I mean, and if you don’t and are intrigued by the idea, out there is an enormous, non judgmental (well, apart from some of the aforementioned) enthusiastic and supportive network for you to plug into.


Lastly and most devastatingly and extra bonus reason-ly, I am going to rest my case with a simple picture.


 I mean if its good enough for GoldenBalls, its good enough for you and me, no?


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