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The Evolution of the Honda CBR900RR Fireblade

October 27, 2017

When I was a twenty-something and just getting into motorcycling, the Honda Fireblade had just been released, and was, THE DADDY. I've never owned one, but did spend a fabulous day riding one around the Swiss Alps with a buddy. My favorite was probably the second gen 94 / 95 'Foxeye' model, especially in the 'Urban Tiger' scheme as shown below. 



For those that might not know, the Fireblade set the template for modern sportsbikes. In an era dominated by machines that aped the capacity of the various race series at the time (250, 600, 750), the Fireblade crammed a 900cc engine into a 600cc sized frame. This made it small, light and very very fast. A small 16 inch front wheel meant it was very agile ad quick turning too (too quick for some). 


The originals even featured dozens of tiny holes in the front of the fairing, said to be there to reduce weight. I'm not convinced that they really brought too much to the party, but you could see how keen Honda were to position the CBR as a no compromise sports machine. 


The bike's fortunes have fluctuated over the years as rivals have taken a bow a the top sport in the flagship sports category, but 2017 seems to have put the 'Blade back on top and if it it goes as good as it looks, then that's no surprise.


I'll still take the 90's Urban Tiger though...






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