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My Great British Motorcycle Journey Part 5

October 10, 2017

So This is What A Modern Bike Feels Like


I loved this bike, but it brought out the worst in me


My last bike before I left the UK was a CBR600F. It probably is not necessary at this point to let you know that I had already brought it before I sold the CBR ‘thou’. It was by far the best bike I had owned to that point (maybe still is) and was actually a current generation machine when I got it. Much scrimping and saving was involved in its acquisition and no bike before or since has taught me more about what a perfect union one man, one motorcycle and one dry, empty, sinewy road could achieve. By the same token, if there was ever a time that I pushed my luck in my motorbike career, it was on the CBR. The bike was a firecracker, I was in my early twenties and the roads around where I lived at the time are some of the best in the UK. I must have wiped out whole generations of bugs within a 10 mile radius of my home. Good times, but I had to move to London and that meant selling. To a friend called ‘Dave’.


Here you are Dave’ I said as I handed the keys to him after one last spirited ride to his place to deliver the bike, “I gave her a few last trips to the redline on the way over, couldn’t resist it!”.


Yeah right, there's no way you’ve ever reved it that high on the road” Dave said, with the total conviction of someone who feels he was put upon this earth to expose and decry any hint of exaggeration or BS in his fellow man.


Ok Dave” I said.


If only you knew Dave’, I thought, as the bike ticked between us with a fresh coating of newly culled flying creatures plastered to the front of it.


Good times. I wonder where that bike is now. I'd buy it back in a heartbeat.




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