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Monday Motorbikes - The Ultimate in Urban Mobility?

October 12, 2017

I love coming across new bike manufacturers. With the democratization that new and efficient fabricating and collaborative technologies bring to the manufacturing sector, companies looking to enter marketplaces historically locked down by the established brands are more empowered than ever. Motorcycle manufacture is the ideal proving ground for this new ambitious wave of talent, as bikes are complex enough to be a real engineering challenge for a small firm to prove their mettle, but at the same time, niche enough, with attendant economies of scale, to be conducive to a start up business model. 

San Francisco based Monday Motorbikes, buoyed by Tesla's success in the automotive sector, are serving up an electrically powered bicycle configured to be the ultimate urban commuters tool. Stylish and chic and with a 40 -50 mile range and a weight of only 170lbs (meaning you can use the pedals if you wanted or needed to) it looks like a very practical and sophisticated solution to the challenges of navigating the metropolis on your doorstep. 

New USA based arrival to the small capacity town bike landscape

October 09, 2017

I really get a kick out of seeing new bike builders get into the game to challenge the established manufacturer hegemony. Especially when the focus is on small, inexpensive and practical machines as opposed to expensive and rarefied sports bikes or bespoke cruisers and cafe racers. So 47Moto and its Mosquito, Firefly and Dragonfly models, is something to get excited about. As a city dweller who appreciates a sprinkle of practicality with his two wheeled dishes, their light weight, stylish and practical approach, and the value it represents at the quoted price points, is very compelling. 

Retro Loveliness with the new Kawakasaki Z900RS

October 03, 2017

I'm definitely a fab of retro bikes - not least because I love seeing the engine and ancillaries exposed as they are often interesting and arresting sights in their own right. Triumph have owned this space for years but more recently Ducati and BMW have carved a chunk of it out too. This is Kawasaki's latest effort and I think it looks absolutely stunning. 

A thousand men in suits on motorcycles riding through a city near you

September 27, 2017

In an effort to dispel the persistent stereotyping of bikers as surly leather clad trouble makers or testosterone soaked adrenaline junkies, a bunch of chaps (probably including a smattering of both types) took to the streets in tweed and pinstripes. Brilliant idea but  a shame that the very first pic was somewhat off message....from Bloomberg

Ana Carrasco, the first lady to win a world championship race!

September 19, 2017

They often say it takes balls to be a motorcycle racer, but that is obviously not always the case. Meet Ana Carrasco, a Spanish racer who has been plying her craft since she was a teen and who won the first international points for a female rider in an international race when she was 16 years old. She is now 20 and has just won her first World Championship race! In a male dominated world, her dedication, drive and bravery is really to be applauded. One to keep an eye on. More from the New York Times. 

CrossHelmet - If you love bikes and tech - you need to see this

September 20, 2017

Helmets. Love em or hate em, you're stuck with them. Or at least you should be - it gives me palpitations seeing riders in Pennsylvania with hair in the wind - heaven knows how their loved ones deal with it. Maybe this will change a few minds though - its a kickstarter project called ‘CrossHelmet’ is aiming to combine a little tech with your cranial coddling. An HUD display, 360 field vision - yes please! More here..

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