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Moi, you say? I’m a Brit, (practicing American) who came over to the US in 1999 for 2 years and never went home. I live in Hoboken, NJ, and decided to put this site together to give me something bike related to do between rides. Also, as I am, ahem, a more ‘mature’ rider (47 years old) and a city dweller, I thought it would be rather appropriate to have a site dedicated to ‘real world’ riding and bike reviews. 


I have been late to the biking party twice in my life, as I only flung a leg over my first when I was 22 years old! I lived and breathed bikes for 3 years, then left it all behind when I moved to London, before relocating to the US. Then, 20 years after I handed over the keys to my last bike in the UK (a CBR600), I finally put butt to seat again stateside. The phrases ‘lost time’ and ‘making up for’ spring to mind, but not necessarily in that order. 


Although I am sure it would be tremendous fun, I don’t thrash sports bikes around race tracks. I don’t own any knee sliders. I don’t pull wheelies*, stoppies, or hoppies**. I rarely bother a traction control light and I don't hunt down red lines like a ferret up a trouser leg. I consider myself mildly daring when I take one hand off the bars to quell the tingles and restore circulation (or for a bit of vehement but always constructive gesticulation to another road user)... I know, of course, that I run the danger of sounding utterly dull and boringly vanilla but I think I’m probably representative of the majority of the biking public around my age. 


So, while I get a kick out of speed, power and ballistic acceleration, I am even more satisfied with the knowledge that those things are no further away than a simple electrical pulse from my brain to my right hand. Call me over imaginative, but I think the captain of an aircraft carrier has a similar mindset. 98% of the time he (or she) is just cruising along sedately, but at the bark of a command, can unleash ‘fire and fury like the world has never seen’*** 

Ok, so back down to earth. IF anyone is still with me after the brutally honest soul baring above, it's good to have you along for the ride. Feel free to drop me a line at 

Hope you enjoy my musings!

* well, not intentionally 


**artisictic liscence


***I have be honest, I stole this quote from someone. 

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